Pet InsuranceIn the unfortunate event that your pet becomes ill or is hurt you will need to take them to your veterinarian. Your veterinarian is a highly skilled expert who has access to all the lastest medical developments to work to bring your pet back to good health. However this expertise comes with a cost attached. Pet insurance offers pet owners a method of budgetting for the enexpected through a series of affordable monthly payments. To learn more, please vist the following pet insurance websites… – VPI Pet Insurance 1-866-VET-PETS – 24 Pet Watch – ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

If your pet gets sick or hurt , or if your plan covers routine preventive care, go to ANY licensed veterinarian in the US or Canada and pay for the services. You’ll be reminbursed for 80% of the allowed veterinary charges, after your $100 annual deductible is met.